String Figures is an ongoing trans-global art project
by Zoë Mc Pherson (concept, sound)
and Alessandra Leone (visual story, codirection)

An audiovisual album in 7 chapters
merging organic and electronic worlds
folk and the global digital space

A hybrid performance with live electronics
voice, live visuals and choreography

String Figures is inspired by the ancient
and current practice of ‘Cat’s Cradle’
all over the world

Figures as leisure game
medium for storytelling
connecting to one another
and spiritual expression

A continuous weaving of Strings
approached with hypnotic sounds
mathematical choreography
subliminal landscapes
and otherworldly journeys

Each chapter explores a symbolic axis
around which liminal transformations occur

From the unknotting of the opening
to the final transmission
the movements of String Figures coil around a sonic memory


i. sabotage story (unknot opening)
ii. deep (prayer)
iii. shaman (how I became) ~ inuït legend
iv. komusar (moving)
v. hardingfele (release)
vi. inouï (and free)
vii. transmission (so it shall never be lost)

even if you tie a hundred knots
it will remain one
hold it in between your hands
and see where it takes you
it’s not just a child’s game
but a weapon
for restoring harmony ~

time stops
focus grows
(self)realization ~

lava emerges from the tree
everything is surreal
yet strongly familiar
explore this planet
search for inner openings
suspended creatures
in an unknown space
the rhythm that mark lives
shifts constantly
it is disturbing
yet powerful
we share this game
free ~