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06.12.2018 Vooruit, Gent (BE) - AV show



previous shows

17.10 Boiler Room, Berlin (DE)
08.09 AV concert at Meakusma festival, Eupen (BE)
07.09 Deep in the Woods (BE)
06.09 Chouftouhonna festival, Tunis)
24.08 Futura x Panoma (DE)
12.08 Banco Lisboa (PT)
06.08 Covento Montemor O Novo (PT)
25.07  The Word radio Brussels (BE)
20.07  Geentse Feste Blond Gent (BE)
13.07   Krake festival Berlin (DE)
08.07   Subtyl Paris (FR)
02.07  Red Light radio Amsterdam (NL)
01.07  De School Yeyeh Amsterdam (NL)
Nona Mechelen (BE)
Le Lac, Brussels (BE)
The Lot Radio, NYC (USA)
Howl, NYC (USA)
Splice festival, London (UK)
Red light radio, Amsterdam (NL)
Nixie's VK, Brussels (BE)
Ghostnotes, London (UK)
Café Central, Brussels (BE)
Brass, Brussels (BE
Leave Us At Dawn, Antwerp (BE)
Voix de Femmes, Liège (BE)
'String Figures' premiere, Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)
Dublab Radio, Los Angeles (USA)
Trans Pecos, New York (USA)
San Francisco (USA)
Arts Birthday Party Festival, Stockholm (SE)
Dome Of Visions, Aarhus (DK)
Nottingham Contemporary (UK)
Match & Fuse Festival, London (UK)
Schiev Festival, Brussels (BE)
Chinastraat, Ghent (BE)
Mains D’oeuvres, Paris (FR)
Les Nuits Botanique Brussels (BE)
Arkaoda Istanbul (TK)
Leftorium, Brussels (BE)
Lavallee Grand Opening, Brussels (BE)
Mengi, Reykjavik (IS)
Kaktus, Akureyri (IS)
Nationa(a)L Festival, Brussels (BE)
Madame Claude, Berlin (DE)
Bonnefooi, Brussels (BE)
Nuit Des Lampions, Wiltz (LU)
Institut For X, Aarhus (DK)
B32, Maastricht (NL)
Bi Ko Fe, Ljubljana (SI)
Müszi, Budapest (HU)